Grade One Prepares for First Class Play!

From Grade One Teacher Stasha Ginsburg: In Waldorf schools one highlight of the year is a play that emerges in each class from the curriculum. Every child in the class participates, uniting the class artistically and socially. Out of imaginative play, first grade students bring a fairy tale play. The class learns the whole play; not all children are ready to hold individualized parts or to stand facing an audience alone. Typical of first grade, groups of students step forward to enact various parts, then step back to join their class, speaking in chorus.

A play entertains, inspires, instructs, and transforms. Magic happens among the players and on stage as they work together, have fun, build confidence and express themselves creatively.

The first grade is currently learning the lines and songs for "The Brementown Musicians," a delightful Brother's Grimm fairy tale. In the story, a donkey, dog, cat and rooster have been rejected by their masters. Each laments that his or her end is near. "Woe am I, master says I'm bound to die. But, this won't be my last day!" The colorful band of outcasts come up with a lively solution to transform their worries and leave their troubles behind. How? By creating a new position, they will follow their dreams to become musicians in the town of Bremen. Freedom awaits!

The class will perform the play on April 12 and 13 for the Early Childhood children and the first grade families. They hope to put a smile on your face and a song in your heart. And, as Cat Stevens sang, "If you want to sing out, sing out, if you want to be free be free, for there's a million ways to be, you know that there are..."