I chose OVWS for my daughter because I was looking for a place where she could find meaning and beauty in her day-to-day schoolwork. She was very bright and was being pushed along so quickly and I could see the beginnings of stress and the need to perform at a very high level - she was in the 4th grade. OVWS allowed her to slow down, to be a child, to use her vivid imagination and to think deeply about the world. When she returned to the public school in 9th grade, she arrived there intact, relaxed, sure of who she was and able to navigate the peer pressures that are so commonly found at that age. I will always be grateful for the educational and social experience she found at OVWS.
— Parent of OVWS Alumni now on Dean’s List at Gettysburg College
Waldorf has helped build me into a more confident, self assured, and imaginative person. While most schools try to morph you into their idea of what a successful person is, Waldorf has supported who I want to be…
— OVWS Alumi
Orchard Valley has given me the best education and environment that I could possibly ask for, and I feel fully prepared for my next adventure.
— OVWS Alumni
After only two weeks at play at Orchard Valley, I observed a dramatic change in my daughter. She had always been enthusiastic about the outdoors, but she suddenly insisted on it with an intense eagerness and welcomed excursions outside with a gaze of wonder and excitement that was totally new.
— Parent of OVWS Alumni
This close community has made me comfortable in who I am and has given me amazing memories. Without the support of all my teachers and friends and the close knit community which I grew up in, I would have a very different outlook on the world.
— OVWS Alumni
OVWS let me explore the outdoors and learning. It let me be creative and to have my own ideas. The Waldorf curriculum doesn’t just give you a problem and tell you you have to solve it, it gives you a problem and asks you how you think it should be solved.
— OVWS Alumni
I’m so glad I had the opportunity to come here. If I hadn’t, I doubt I’d be anything close to the person I am now. So I’d like to thank my parents for giving me such an amazing opportunity. Thank you so much, Mom and Dad, for bringing me here. I’ll miss this place.
— OVWS Alumni
When I came to OVWS, I was like a seed bursting, overflowing with life. OVWS fed this seed, this life, this light within me. I grew, fed by the gently rounded edges of painting paper, the soft dreamy colored walls, the smell of watercolor paints, and balls of yarn and knitting needles and wax crayon drawings. This school, this community, helped this seed within me to sprout and grow – from a seed into a blooming flower. You gave me the gift of this school, this education, the best gift I’ve ever been given. I want to thank my parents for making the decision 10 years ago to send me to this school. Thank you.
— OVWS Alumni
My class isn’t just a group of friends; it’s a family.
— OVWS Alumni


The Star

I saw a star
beyond my reach
for in the dark
the light I seek

I cast a stone
into a lake
I felt as though
the world would break

Then I saw
in the distance
I knew that there
was no resistance

So finally
I uncurled
For I had truly
found the world.

by Meredith in Grade 5