Dear Alumni,

You are our pride and joy. You are the reason Orchard Valley was created and the embodiment of why it must continue to blossom.

We love to see you at OVWS. We are thrilled when you are able to attend school events and graduations. We know how very busy you are with your new schools, colleges, jobs, internships, travels, performances, research, activism, projects and endeavors of all sorts. 

We are ALWAYS interested in hearing from you and about you. We witnessed your growth every day for up to ten years. Such a bond creates lasting ties. 

Here’s an Alum Update form for letting us know anything from a new email address to a piece of news you wish to share about yourself or a fellow alum. (On the form, you can let us know if the news is or isn’t for public sharing with or without your name – e.g. “Won Nobel Peace Prize but please don’t mention my name” or “Concert Mistress of college orchestra – yes, you can mention my name.”)

You might want to join our Facebook group here, and also be sure to follow us on Instagram! We would love to keep in touch! If you don’t already receive the Apple Core e-newsletter, you can sign up for it here.

Please be on the lookout for invitations to alum gatherings. We want to help you stay connected with each other and with us!

With so much love,
Your Orchard Valley Waldorf Community

A few comments, in your own words:

You were, and still are, like a second mom to me and I cherish my early memories of beeswax…
— Alum (graduated in 2015)
My mom asked me on my first day at school here, ‘If there was a machine with a dial from one to ten, with ten being the best and one being the worst, how was your day at Orchard Valley?’ And I said, ‘It blew up the machine.’
— Alum (graduated in 2015)
Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m pretty sure no public schools go to a pentathlon and learn to throw javelins, nor do they knit and crochet.
— Alum (graduated in 2015)
In 1st grade, I remember trying to dig to China…. If it weren’t for the teachers filling it in, I’m pretty sure we would have made it…
— Alum (graduated in 2014)



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