Welcome to Admissions at Orchard Valley Waldorf School. We appreciate your interest. Whether you are just starting to explore schooling options or are ready to submit an Orchard Valley application, we are here to help. 

We encourage you to explore our website for an introduction to what life is like for students and families at OVWS and for information about our admission process. We invite you to come visit us: on our 55 extraordinarily beautiful acres of our Grace Farm campus in East Montpelier and/or our lovely and convenient Child’s Garden campus minutes from downtown Montpelier. We also offer observation mornings and student visits—both designed to let you see the vitality, beauty, and warmth of Waldorf education in action. 

Our Early Childhood programs create a nurturing home-like environment of shared routines. Filled with the smell of freshly baked bread, the feel of pine cones and beeswax, the beauty of yellow paint, the friendship of gnomes, the patterns of the pentatonic scale, the freedom of sledding, and the fertile glory of stories, our Early Childhood classes are a truly magical experience. 

Stories become myths, and myths become biographies as Early Childhood at OVWS evolves first to the early Grades curriculum and then into the more rigorous Middle School curriculum. Our grades students learn about Norse gods and about Robin Hood, they create exquisite geometric designs, and they prepare meals for the homeless. They put on concerts and Shakespearean plays, speak French in Quebec, build compost bins for the garden, go biking and canoeing, and form lifelong friendships. Every day, OVWS provides our students with a nurturing environment that consistently fills their lives with beauty, learning, and purpose.

We look forward to meeting you and to showing you around our very special school! Please contact us via the form button below or email our enrollment office directly with any questions you may have or to set up a time to tour our campus.