Orchard Valley Waldorf School (OVWS) is an independent school founded in 2004. Built upon the commitment of a passionate group of families to expand Waldorf education in central Vermont, our developing school has grown to serve families from infancy to grade 8, with summer and aftercare programs available.

Our Grace Farm Campus in East Montpelier is located on a beautiful 55-acre property of rolling hills, extensive river frontage, and spectacular views. The Grace Farm campus offers grades 1 through 8 and two mixed-age Kindergartens, one of which is Farm and Forest, an outdoor program. The Child’s Garden Campus in Montpelier serves children 2 1/2 to 6 years.  Sweet Clover Nursery (formerly Little Lambs Early Care Center), also located in Montpelier, opened its doors in September 2016 and serves children ages 6 weeks to 3 1/2 years.

We are excited to see what the future holds for OVWS!

Waldorf education enables young people to be in love with the world as the world should be loved.
— Marjorie Spock

Child Focused
At OVWS we hold the interests of the children as our highest priority. We uphold an environment of safety and acceptance that seeks to recognize the special gifts of each child.

Open and Welcoming
Ours is a welcoming, hospitable, gracious and grateful community. OVWS welcomes students, families, faculty and staff of all races, faiths, creeds, gender and sexual orientation.

Accessible To All
We work to make Waldorf education available to everyone. OVWS embraces an Accessible-to-All (ATA) tuition model for our grade school based on the ideal that Waldorf education should be accessible to all families who are committed to it, regardless of financial means. To find out more, please visit our ATA Tuition Adjustment page.

Fiscal Responsibility and Consistent Processes
OVWS uses clear and consistent processes which bring integrity to our plans, projects, and decision-making. OVWS has a three-fold governance structure comprised of: Pedagogical Leadership (Faculty), a Board of Trustees and Administration. We conduct school matters in a fiscally responsible, transparent manner and endeavor to be financially self-sustaining.

Support of Faculty/Staff and Parent Involvement
We support our faculty and staff, financially and professionally. Our teachers provide a fundamental role in governing our school which allows for a positive and nurturing environment for both our students, as well as those who teach them.

Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.
— Helen Keller

Waldorf Education extends beyond the classroom. The overall health of OVWS depends upon the involvement of many individuals and groups. Our parent population works hard to build a thriving school community by volunteering in our classrooms (field trips, play production support, assisting in other areas of expertise/talents such as sewing, baking, etc.). Additionally, parents facilitate parent/community education, assist in building and maintaining a positive and welcoming environment, serve on various committees/leadership roles, and support the school's festival life and fundraising efforts.

Environmental Stewardship
We aspire to serve as a model of sustainability and environmental conservation for our children, cultivating a living relationship with the land and our surrounding community where the joys and traditions of play, work, festivals and song unfold.

Anthroposophy is the spiritual and philosophical inspiration of contemporary Waldorf school curriculum. Waldorf Education values and celebrates each stage of a child’s development and works holistically to balance the physical, emotional and spiritual realms of the individual in a way that gives them the inner confidence, reverence, and dynamic thinking required to become positive citizens of the world. 

Orchard Valley School Verse

Spirit of sun and earth and air
Ye have made this world so fair
Flower and singing bird and tree
Ye have blessed all things that be.
For this place be blessing too
In all we think and speak and do
Beauty here with courage keep
Banish fear, for folly weep. 
Spirits wise and good shall rule
Love and joy be in this school.


OVWS is an approved Independent School by the Vermont Association Independent Schools and a member of the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America (AWSNA).