Celebrating the Contributions of Women on International Women’s Day

“A Day Without A Woman” Became “A Day to Reflect on Women” at Orchard Valley

In honor of International Women’s Day and the worldwide “Day Without A Woman” events on March 8, Orchard Valley Waldorf School faculty transformed the curriculum to focus on women’s contributions in history throughout the classes.

This creative educational opportunity sprang from the faculty pondering the dilemma that the national “Day Without A Woman” strike would bring to the school and families. Instead of creating havoc like a strike would have, this opportunity enriched the students, filled the classes with deep learning, and brought the school together for a collective handwork project and assembly.

The children enjoyed stories of mothers, grandmothers, and important women in history during their main lesson period to start the day. They learned new songs, and learned about the Women’s Suffrage Movement in the United States and about Women’s Day in Russia—the birthplace of International Women’s Day.

The handwork project-a weaving on a hula hoop loom-was set up in the orchard and classes worked on it throughout the day. Teachers, staff and community members were all invited to weave finger-knitted strands into the loom, infusing it with the intentions they set for the project. The eighth grade class composed a heartfelt message to convey on the weaving—STEP FORWARD. These words will be woven into the piece.

The completed piece was presented to the school during the assembly. Handwork teacher Ms. Camilletti said to the students: "You made this, all of you. When we all work together we can create true beauty. [This weaving is in shades of red] because it is the color of the heart, which is really love—and that's what we do here."