Other Ways to Give to OVWS

Gifts of Stock, Bonds and Securities
Some Orchard Valley donors have chosen to transfer shares to OVWS. Please consider joining them. Just call or email us to let us know or to ask any questions.

Giving appreciated securities is a popular alternative to a cash gift because it offers three-fold tax savings. 1) It provides the donor with an income tax deduction (equal to fair market value at the date of transfer), 2) It enables the donor to legitimately avoid capital gains tax, and 3) It provides the school with the full value of the shares (not the net after-tax value they would have had if they had been sold first).

In-Kind Donations
Orchard Valley gratefully accepts in-kind donations of goods and services. Please contact us if you are interested in making an in-kind donation.  Our Wish List is here, but there are many additional possibilities for in-kind donations including items or services for which we currently pay. Like cash donations, in-kind donations of goods are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Volunteering Your Time and Expertise
Orchard Valley would be unrecognizable without the spirit of selfless volunteerism which permeates the whole school. We deeply value the time, energy, and skills of our talented parent, grandparent, alum and alum family volunteers. Your hard work makes so many things possible. Thank you!

Matching Gifts
Many employers match employee donations to non-profit organizations. This can multiply the value of your gift! 
If your employer has a Matching Gifts Program, ask for a form from their human resource office. Then complete and return the form to your employer and let us know, so we can ensure your employer’s donation arrives safely.

Please ask if you have questions about matching gifts, contact julia.r@ovws.org

Amazon Smile
If you access Amazon through smile.amazon.com (rather than just Amazon.com), and choose Orchard Valley Waldorf School as your non-profit of choice, Amazon gives OVWS a percentage of what you spend. (After choosing OVWS, it should say "Supporting Orchard Valley Waldorf School" just below the search bar.)

The prices are exactly the same on smile.amazon.com as they are on Amazon.com, and you can use your existing Amazon account. OVWS is given no information about your purchase, and, if you wish, you can opt to support another non-profit for your next purchase. 

Please pass this information on, and encourage friends, family, businesses, etc. to support OVWS in this simple way.

Thank you for supporting Orchard Valley Waldorf School. Thank you for making a difference in the lives of Orchard Valley children and their families. 

If you have any development-related questions or suggestions, please contact us at orchardvalley@ovws.org.

Vision and Action Together: Dreams, like Orchards, Need Love and Tending:

In nature, we see creation and marvel at its beauty and miracle: all of the planning has been done for us. But a Waldorf School is a different story. Here our experiences, personalities, skills, and perhaps shared karmas converge only into possibility. The resulting “Babel” and cacophony sometimes seemed overwhelming; but who could ask for more than possibility, and the freedom to realize it?

On June 6, 2004, the Montpelier Waldorf Child’s Garden and the Three Rivers School of Central Vermont merged themselves and their programs into the Orchard Valley School. Many people dreamed of a unified Montpelier-area Waldorf school, and many worked day and night and contributed generously to see this dream come true. Now the greatest work and joy lie ahead. Opportunity abounds not only for the children, but also for parent, faculty and community members to be a part of this creation. We can be a part of something vital, enriching, and extraordinary. This endeavor will be a community, a place of being that generates much more energy than it consumes, and a place we almost always want to be because it reflects our highest values and affirms our hopes for the future we wish for our children.

Please join the Orchard Valley School story. Bring your gifts. Be a short thread, a long thread or be many threads in what promises to be an amazing tapestry.
— Ron Koss, an OVWS founder, in Vol 1, Issue 1 of “Orchard Valley School Notes” July 2004

In 2004, Ron wrote, “now the greatest work and joy lie ahead.” Ron knows that turning a dream into reality represents the start of a journey, not the end. Dream fulfillment requires ongoing work and support and attention. OVWS is kept strong and vibrant by incorporating new dreams and visions which reflect its evolving needs along with the passion of its community to shape its future.

Marianne and Andy Perchlik, OVWS founders and former parents, never stopped dreaming and working to make their dreams become reality. They dreamed of Orchard Valley expanding to offer a Waldorf experience from Birth through Grade 8. That is now reality. Marianne and Andy are happy to speak to community members about how exhilarating it continues to be for them to dream big Waldorf dreams and to work to bring those dreams to fruition in sensible practical sustainable ways from which all will benefit for years to come.   

Orchard Valley gratefully accepts gifts of vision and dreams. When these are combined with the effort and will to help achieve them, anything is possible!

Orchard Valley Waldorf School is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and all contributions are tax-deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.