Grade 8 Sets Sail On Their Final Class Adventure

From Mary Fettig, Class 2/3 support teacher and chaperone on the 8th grade trip: On Monday, June 4th, 13 intrepid Grade Eight students along with four chaperones traveled to Camden, Maine and boarded the schooner "The Mary Day" for a four-day sailing adventure in the Penobscott Bay.   

After a brief orientation on what to expect and how to assist, there was a tour of the ship, bunks were assigned, dinner was served, and the adventure began!

The Mary Day, named after the wife of the man who designed, built, and owned the schooner, is a windjammer. It was designed to be a passenger ship that would be sailed along the Maine Coast much like the ships that once carried lumber, granite, and fish long before roads and rails were laid down.

The class immediately took to life on a boat. Students were divided into three groups that rotated through and learned about navigation, compass and chart reading, knots and lines, setting and striking the sails, and more. The class took responsibility for steering the vessel, assisting in the galley, keeping the ship tidy, and being full members of the crew.

The Mary Day is owned by Barry King and his wife Jenn, former students of Libby Case and Ben Williams when they were teaching environmental science while touring the US in an old school bus! The crew of six was a wonderful collection of interesting and knowledgeable people who were incredibly open and willing to share their love of sailing and life on a schooner.

The OVWS class is ending their school journey with open eyes and hearts to yet another way of life and what it takes to have the courage, discipline, and spirit of adventure needed to partake of a life at sea. Thanks to all who made this possible; it was a trip to remember!

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