Pre-K Funding Information for 2017-18 Early Childhood Applicants

Act 166 mandates funding for ten hours of universal pre-k for all 3 and 4 year-olds in Vermont who are enrolled in a pre-qualified Early Childhood program for 35 weeks in a school year. Regardless of parental income or circumstance, all children who are age 3 or 4 on or before their school district’s kindergarten entry date* (and who are not enrolled in a state-accredited, public or private kindergarten) are eligible to receive funding. For the 2017-18 school year the pre-k funding grant is $3,178 per child.

Orchard Valley Waldorf School’s Early Education programs, at both the Child’s Garden in Montpelier and at the main campus in East Montpelier, have been approved by the VT Agency of Education as pre-qualified pre-k education programs in Vermont.

When you submit your application for admission to one of Orchard Valley’s Early Childhood programs (Child’s Garden, Apple/Maple Tree, Farm & Forest), you will also need to apply for the pre-k funding directly through your local elementary school (i.e., the school where your child would attend kindergarten if you were to choose to make use of public education).

To receive pre-k funding, families are required to register with their local school even if they do not plan to enroll their child there in the future. To register families will need to provide a full set of application/registration forms and supporting documents (social security card, birth certificate, immunization forms, and proof of residency) in order to request tuition.

Pre-k Funding Supervisory Union Contacts for 2016-17 (Please note: This is  not a comprehensive list of VT Supervisory Unions.)

*Pre-K funding is only available to children who turn 5 on or before their school district’s kindergarten entry date. After this, a child is then considered to be "of kindergarten age" and may complete 1-2 years of kindergarten (depending on birth date and readiness) prior to 1st grade. Families of these Kindergartners (ages 5, 6, or 7) are then eligible to apply for our Accessible-to-All (ATA) tuition adjustment.