We decided to donate the new swing set for the Kindergarten play yard because we wanted the young children to be able to have new, safe equipment on which to play. Giving back to OVWS is something that we feel is very important as it has literally given our three children the best possible Waldorf education and for that we can never be thankful enough!
— Isaac & Ellie Chavez

If you can, please make our wishes come true! 

If you might be able to donate any of these items or otherwise help Orchard Valley acquire them, please speak to staff in the School Office. Used items in good condition are generally just as useful to us as new ones.  Please do not just drop off items at the school: please speak with us first. Feel free to email staff with questions.

As always, donations to the school are tax deductible to the fullest extent allowed by law.

Please keep an eye on this page because our wish list will evolve.  There will generally be some big items on the list as well as some smaller items.

Classroom needs:

Funds for classroom libraries to enrich the collection with books that highlight diversity

Funds (about $100 each) for a visit to the younger grades by an author, a musician, or other enriching educational visitors (such as sled dogs!) 

Early Childhood Program and Lower School:

Sturdy couch or futon for a Sweet Clover Nursery classroom
Child-size picnic tables for Grace Farm Early Childhood program
New road sign for Child’s Garden
Small shelter for Child’s Garden and better fencing around the play yard


Cross-country boots – adult sizes for 7th and 8th graders
Medium-size cross-country skis – 3-pin or NNN
New basketball hoops
Pogo sticks
Durable sleds

Office needs:

Laptop with Microsoft Office programs

On The Land:

2 wheelbarrows
Compost every spring

Outdoor Needs:

Gravel for the driveway and parking lot (natural tar-free substance)
Adult-size picnic table.

Thank you for your support!