Summer Play Days at the Child's Garden

For ages 3-5 on our lovely Child’s Garden campus, 155 Northfield Street, Montpelier

Carefree summer days of outdoor play in field, forest, and the large play yard await your child. They’ll explore, climb, dig, plant, swing, form friendships, and be guided by their imaginations through adventures in the natural world. Daily and weekly rhythms also include story times, craft activities, singing, art projects, and games led by Child's Garden Sunflower Preschool Teacher Georgina Haase and support staff. See Georgina's bio at the bottom of this page.

Weekly Camp Descriptions
Please note: These full descriptions do not appear in the brochure due to space. But the week numbers here (Week 1, Week 2, etc.) correspond to the week numbers in the Summer Play Days Brochure and on the Summer Play Days Registration Form.

Week 1 (June 17-21): Mother Earth's Garden (this week is full; currently adding to the waiting list)
Let’s roll up our sleeves, plunge our hands in the dirt and get dirty! Using our tools, we’ll plant vegetables, flower seeds and seedlings.

Week 2 ( June 24-28): Gnomes and Fairies
We will be on the look-out in our magical woods, searching for gnomes! We will create fairy homes using gifts from Mother Nature. Why, we’ll even sew our own gnomes to tuck in our pocket and take home!

*no program week of July 1-5

Week 3 (July 8-12): Bees and Butterflies

Bzzzz... the life of bees! How do they make their honey or build their home? How does a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly? We’ll float like a butterfly and fly like a bee. Using beeswax we’ll even model these amazing creatures.

Week 4 (July 15-19): Water Fun
Splish! Splash! What a delight to run under a sprinkler on a hot summer day. We’ll create bubbles, play games, and mix water and sand. Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Week 5 (July 22-26): Peter Rabbit Trails
What secrets can we find in the woods? Search for magical stones, a treasured flower, the tiniest fern...Follow the winding trails and explore with us!

Week 6 (July 29-August 2): Paper Fun
Snip, Snip, Snip! Have you ever wondered what’s to be done with a tired, old piece of paper? Children will create many beautiful things by folding, cutting and coloring. Just the thing for a rainy day!

Week 7 (August 5-9): Fun with Thread and Yarn: Sewing and Finger Knitting
Sew your own bag, doll clothes or finger knit your new headband ... what a thrill to make something of beauty with your own two hands! Using large needles, thread and colorful yarn, we’ll learn how to finger knit, do some simple sewing and exercise our bountiful creativity.

Week 8 (August 12-16): Princesses, Princes, Knights, and Dragons (this week is full; currently adding to the waiting list)
Imaginations will run wild during this final week of Summer Play Days. Let’s dress up and make up our own stories of high adventure, rescue, and friendship. 


Camp Leader Georgina Haase originally from Mexico, is the Morning Assistant Teacher in the Sunflower Preschool at the Child's Garden and the Aftercare Teacher and has been with OVWS for many years.  Georgina holds a AA degree in Early Education, as well as a BA in Professional Studies with a major in Behavioral Sciences from Northern Vermont University. Her interest in Waldorf philosophy surged when she moved to Vermont and had the wonderful opportunity volunteer at the Child's Garden, where she met the first teacher that started the Waldorf Kindergarten in Montpelier.

Georgina has participated in numerous Waldorf workshops, as well as having had the opportunity to work at l'École Rudolf Steiner de Montréal with a diverse group of kindergarteners from various countries speaking English, French, and Spanish.  Georgina is also a member of Vermont Northern Lights Career Development Center.  She enjoys hiking, gardening, art, and teaching through play.