Class 3/4 Visits the Vermont State House to Watch Ceres Rise!

From Class 3/4 Teacher Libby Case: Some of the many topics covered in the grade 3/4 curriculum are house building, local geography, and Vermont History. These three topics came together in late November when the 3/4 class took a trip to the Vermont State House to see the culminating moment of the yearlong restoration project of the State House--the statue of Ceres being placed back on top of the golden dome!

While the State House is not an actual family home, it is a house of great importance to our state. In addition, it was quite local to us--just twenty minutes down the road, and it was certainly history in the making!

Students were mesmerized as the 14-foot statue was lifted by the massive crane, floated gracefully up through the air, and was placed safely atop the dome. Speeches by the local carvers of the statue, the head of the restoration team, and Governor Scott all helped the students to understand the work behind this huge project and the skills needed to craft the beautiful structure. For instance, the project involved craftspeople from near and far, and the local artists who designed and carved the statue of Ceres viewed this work as a pinnacle moment in their careers. The gold leaf atop the dome was installed by experts in the craft from Italy.

Grades 5/6 and 7 also attended this special event. Each of these grades have previously participated in these same studies, and this trip reinforced their past learning and deepened their sense of place right here in Central Vermont.