Winter Traditions Shine at Orchard Valley

December brings a lively time of celebration throughout the school! The Winter Spiral was held the first week of the month, culminating in a Grades 1-3 Spiral Walk that was also open to the wider community.

Then St. Nicholas Day was celebrated in the Early Education classes as well as the younger Grades classes, with St. Nicholas leaving a beautiful painted walnut and orange in each child's slipper or cubby.

The first evening of Hanukkah was celebrated in classes today, with special stories, fresh latkes, and the lighting of the menorah.

St. Lucia Day is celebrated throughout the school tomorrow, December 13, led by class 2/3. The children visit each classroom, bringing songs, their shining lights, and Santa Lucia bread to all. This festival is celebrated each year on December 13,  the shortest day (longest night) of the year, according to the ancient (Julian) calendar in force when Lucia was martyred for her faith in 304 A.D.

Then our Winter Concert celebrating the season and the Winter Solstice is held on Thursday, December 21. All are welcome! 5:30pm a the Presbyterian Church of Barre. 

Glad tidings to all!