Little Lambs Childcare Center operates on a quarterly system of 4, 13-week quarters--or seasons!

September 1st, December 1st, March 1st, and June 1st mark the beginning of each quarter.

We require completion of this form by all currently enrolled families by the following dates of each quarter for the next quarter's enrollment: November 1st, February 1st, May 1st, and August 1st. Thank you!


2018-2019 Little Lambs of OVWS
 Online Re-enrollment Form

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Families are to renew their contract every 13 weeks in order to secure their spot for the next quarter . Each 13-week quarter is scheduled as follows: FALL: September 1 – November 30 WINTER: December 1- February 28/29 SPRING: March 1 – May 31 SUMMER: June 1 – August 31 If you select "yes" to re-enroll your child, please verify your enrollment details below. After submission of this form, you are all set! OVWS will get a copy of your contract to you shortly. If you are withdrawing your child, we require submission of this form as notice of your intent to withdraw. You are responsible for payment through the end of the current quarter (last day of Nov., Feb., May, or Aug.) and no tuition refunds will be issued should you decide to withdraw before the end of the quarter. Also understand that by withdrawing your child you are forfeiting your spot at Little Lambs. Due to the overwhelming popularity of our program, we cannot guarantee we will have space for you at a later date.
Tuition for children under 18 months: $3,575/qtr (5 days/week); $2,535/qtr (3 days/week); $1,755/qtr (2 days/week) Tuition for children 19 months and older: $3,445/qtr (5 days/week); $2,405/qtr (3 days/week); $1,690/qtr (2 days/week) Please note: if a child turns 19 months mid-quarter, regardless of where their birthday falls, the tuition decrease will not happen until the next quarter. We cannot make any tuition adjustments within a quarter. Thank you for your understanding.
Unless previously agreed upon through our enrollment office, these are the number of days you are committing to attend at Little Lambs for the next 13-week session. If you have scheduling request for the next quarter you must reach out to our enrollment office (enrollment@ovws.org) ASAP. Please understand that we may not be able to accommodate changes in registrations.
Tuition is billed on a weekly basis through Automatic Bank Withdrawal: FACTS Portal Installment Plan. Payments will take place on the Thursday of the week preceding service. I understand that I am responsible for full payment for the entire quarter (13 weeks), for the number of days selected above. I understand that any changes in my child's schedule will not be possible within the quarter. Requests for schedule changes for future quarters will be considered on a case-by-case basis. OVWS reserves the right to dismiss, either temporarily or permanently, any child, if in the assessment of the program staff, the interests of the child or those of other children or the school will be best served by such action.
We are sorry to see you go! We hope you'll keep in touch. Your family is always welcome at future OVWS events. We also hope you'll consider some of our other fantastic programs! Please share any feedback you might have regarding your experience at Little Lambs/reason for leaving so that we can continue to improve and grow!
Please type /s/ followed by your full legal name to sign. By signing this document I/we agree to pay tuition to OVWS according to the terms outlined herein. (Or, if withdrawing, giving notice to OVWS that my child will no longer be attending Little Lambs after this quarter.) I/we understand that signing this agreement constitutes a binding commitment to these terms.