Little Lambs Early Care Center
(Children 6 weeks to 3 years)

Offering a caring, rhythmic environment infused with love and joy where children are cared for with warmth and respect.

Little Lambs of Orchard Valley spend the day in a small, family-like group with children of different ages. With three experienced and loving caregivers, the children can begin to test their new sense of self in an environment designed to nurture and support their continued unfolding.

Our daily rhythm provides a balance between active times and rest times, nourishing each child’s sense of health and well-being. The daily rhythm includes creative free play inside and out, practical work (such as baking, cleaning and folding laundry for older children), wholesome organic snacks and lunch, storytelling and singing!

  • Full day program, Monday through Friday Year-round at our new convenient location on Country Club Road in Montpelier!
    • 7:30am-5:30pm
    • Two-, three-, and five-day options

Please email Lynn Novak, Enrollment Director, for more information and to be placed on the list of interested families.