Farm & Forest Kindergarten
(Ages 3-6 years)

  • 8:30am – noon (with aftercare available)
  • 4-day option, Monday through Thursday
  • 5-day option, Monday through Friday 
  • Limited 2- and 3-day options

Early Childhood Admissions Information and Application

Learn more about pre-K funding here (for 3, 4 & 5 year-olds) and our tuition adjustment program (for eligible families of 5, 6, & 7 year-olds).

*Children turning 5 by June 1st are required to be in a 5-day program in preparation for first grade the following year.

*Children must be potty-trained and socially ready to participate in the full-morning program. We are here to help you navigate which program will best serve your child as they develop and grow!

Our 55-acre campus, with apple orchards, fields, woods, and the Kingsbury Branch of the Winooski River serves as the 'classroom' for the Farm & Forest program, regardless of the weather. A large teepee provides a gathering place, and an indoor space is also available as needed.

Days are structured around a seasonal rhythm, incorporating the four elements (earth, air, fire and water), so often the focus of the young child’s curiosity. Activities include animal care, nature crafts, story, circle, running, tree-climbing, hiking, engaging in imaginative play, observation and nature exploration. Practical tasks such as food preparation, handwork projects, gardening, and building shelters develop movement, balance, touch, and sense of life. Cooperative games help children learn how to follow directions and respect boundaries. Rhymes, stories, clapping, and counting games enhance the child’s capacity to listen while encouraging a love of language and sense of rhythm–foundational reading and math skills. Finger plays and handwork develop motor skills and improve coordination–skills for later writing.


Aftercare Program:

The Aftercare Program (3-STARS) is led by the Aftercare teacher and is available from noon to 3:00pm or 5:30pm (Monday through Friday) for children enrolled in the Kindergarten classes. Enrollment is available in the afternoons for those children enrolled in the morning program of the same day for one to five days per week.

*Please note that ages are guidelines only. In addition to a family’s campus preference, a child’s developmental level, as well as the need for a healthy balance of ages, personalities, and genders within each group are all considered when deciding program placement.