Summer Play Days at Orchard Valley's East Montpelier Main Campus

Carefree summer days of outdoor play in field, forest, and the large play yard await your child. They’ll explore, climb, dig, plant, swing, form friendships, and be guided by their imaginations through adventures in the natural world. Daily and weekly rhythms also include story times, craft activities, singing, art projects, and games led by Child's Garden Apple Blossom Teacher Meg Scherbatskoy and Camp Assistant Ginny Cooke (see Ginny's bio below).

Orchard Valley will offer eight weeks of Summer Play Days on our Main Campus  for children ages 4-6. Location: 2290 VT Route 14N, East Montpelier
Contact Cathie Ely at with questions.

Camp will begin the week of June 18 and end the week of August 17; no camp the week of July 2.

Weekly Camp Descriptions
Please note: These full descriptions do not appear in the brochure due to space. But the week numbers here (Week 1, Week 2, etc.) correspond to the week numbers in the Summer Play Days Brochure and on the Summer Play Days Registration Form.

Week 1 (June 18-22): Mother’s Earth Garden
Let’s roll up our sleeves, plunge our hands in the dirt and get dirty! Using our tools, we’ll plant vegetables, flowers, and herbs from seeds and seedlings.

Week 2 (June 25-29): Gnomes and Fairies
We will be on the lookout in our magical woods, searching for gnomes! We will create fairy homes using gifts from Mother Nature. Why, we’ll even use wool and felt to make our own fairies and gnomes to tuck in our pocket and take home!

Week 3 (July 9-13): Bees and Butterflies
Bzzzz... the life of bees! How do they make their honey or build their home? How does a caterpillar transform into a beautiful butterfly? We’ll float like a butterfly and fly like a bee. Using beeswax we’ll even model these amazing creatures.

Week 4 (July 16-20): Water, Water, Everywhere!
Splish! Splash! What a delight to run under a sprinkler on a hot summer day. We’ll create bubbles, play games, and mix water and sand. We’ll make rivers, lakes and waterfalls in the sandbox, and make fishing poles and little fish to hook out of the “pond!” Don’t forget your bathing suit!

Week 5 (July 23-27): Trailblazing
What secrets can we find in the beautiful woods? Search for magical stones, a treasured flower, the tiniest fern...Follow the winding trails and explore with us!

Week 6 (July 30-August 3): The West Wind Blows
In the summer the warm West wind blows through the grass and the trees. We will listen to its song and find ways to enjoy the moving air by making small kites, windmills, bubbles, and more.

Week 7 (August 6-10): Wonderful Weaving
We will weave and create throughout our days! Finger knitting, making twisty-twirlies, weaving baskets from things we find in the woods and fields, and simple dances and games.

Week 8 (August 13-17): Quests of the King and Queen
Imaginations will run wild during this final week of Summer Play Days. Let’s dress up and make up our own stories of high adventure, rescue and friendship, and go on quests! We will also help in preparing a small celebratory feast for our final days of summer play.


Camp Assistant Ginny Cooke is the current After-school Teacher for Orchard Valley's Farm and Forest Kindergarten and has been working in the field of farm and garden education for the past six years. She holds a BA in Environmental Studies from Clark University. She enjoys connecting with children through nature-based activities, especially ones that involve growing tasty food and nature crafts!