Grade 8 Performs Final Class Play: Romeo & Juliet

Grade 8 performed their final class play in April 2018—Romeo & Juliet—at the Plainfield Opera House. 

From Class Teacher Libby Case:  One of the culminating events of eight years as a OVWS student is the 8th grade play. Each year, this class has performed a play that is in some way relevant to the particular curriculum of the year. And each year I am so proud of their production. They are a very cooperative group who have learned over the years to manage themselves both backstage and on stage, and this year was no different.   

In 8th grade language arts, students are introduced to the poetry and plays of William Shakespeare and the students were interested in performing "Romeo and Juliet" for their class play. Finding a version that was true to the original but manageable for middle school fell to the teacher. Understanding Shakespeare’s beautiful, yet challenging, language was accomplished with the help of parent Erica Zimmerman. A grant secured by our great administrator, Karen Vatz, allowed us to enlist the help of experienced actor and director Morgan Irons as an acting coach, and Shannon Hepburn coached the students on sword fighting.

With all that help plus long hours of studying the play, understanding the language, memorizing extensive lines, and perfecting their characters, the students put on a fantastic production that exceeded all expectations! I could not be more proud of their work! 

grade 8 Romeo & Juliet.jpg