Michaelmas: Confronting the Dragon

The student pageant embodies the spirit of this festival through the story of Michael slaying the dragon. Michaelmas celebrates a gathering of our inner resources and a fortifying of our strength of will to meet and vanquish the darkness that lives both within and without.

In the intense times our world currently faces, Michaelmas affords an opportunity to come together in community, to honor what is good and beautiful, and to acknowledge the challenge of transforming what is clouded. Transformation of darkness requires both compassion and fearlessness -- as in moving beyond our fear through our ability to be with it. We do not go to meet the “dragon” with aggression, we go to it in love.

“To confront the ‘dragon’ in oneself or the world requires the utmost courage. It is an act of self-transformation that leads to the transformation of the beast and a return to peace and harmony.” – William Ward

When we acknowledge our inner darkness, our shadow side so to speak, we can, through love, and acceptance move beyond judgment of ourselves and others. When we embrace our shadow, she transforms and reveals to us our greatest wisdom. When we engage with the dragon, together, in community, we become the courageous, heart-centered, powerful human beings for which our world is longing. Then, we can begin to collaborate to provide the healing we need, leaning on one another and using the beautiful, unique gift we each bring.

In this communal spirit, we will gather to witness our students present the pageant followed by activities including craft making for young children, bread making, bonfire, archery for adults and older children, a school-wide game, and singing.

The faculty and students look forward to welcoming our parents and greater community to this celebration.