Apple Blossom (Ages 2½ to 3½ years) 

Montpelier Child’s Garden Campus
Stephanie Hoelscher, lead teacher

  • 8:30am – noon (with an afternoon care option for children 3 years and up)
  • 4-day option: Monday-Thursday
  • 5-day option: Monday-Friday
  • Limited 2- and 3-day options
  • Community partner with the Montpelier School District, 3-STARS 

Early Childhood Admissions Information and Application

Play is the child’s “work” and the way that they learn about life. The small size of the Apple Blossom class allows the Early Childhood educator to create daily and weekly rhythms that meet the developmental needs of the young child. Imagination is nurtured through stories and nursery rhymes. During circle time children become more confident and comfortable participating in group activities as they sing, move, and recite verses together. Clapping and jumping games not only aid with language and pre-reading skills, but also help children develop the ability to sit still and listen. Morning walks in the meadow help foster a connection to nature and its seasonal changes. The children eat a hearty snack together at a beautifully set table. There also is an emphasis on bodily care – dressing, potty training, hand washing – and care for the things in our room – folding cloth, sweeping, dusting, polishing wood. Parent evenings held throughout the year will focus on the healthy development of the young child and provide parents with resources with ways in which to navigate this specific age group.