Our tuition adjustment program embodies the school’s commitment to enter into a relationship with each family and become aware of the needs and gifts of each community member. We view adjusted tuitions as a contribution to our income rather than a reduction in our income. The program does not lessen our strong sense of fiscal responsibility. To the contrary, it requires thorough budget preparation and ongoing review to ensure continuous progress towards achievement of goals based on the values and ideals of Waldorf education. As a community, we are interdependent; and everyone contributes the most they are able to the well-being of the school. 

The tuition adjustment program enhances the growth, community involvement, socio-economic diversity, financial security, and sustainability of our school.


Getting Started:

Please notify the enrollment office of the need to explore tuition adjustment. Please access the Grant and Aid Assessment application with the online FACTS service to begin. FACTS charges $30 for this service.

Please be sure to send FACTS all verifying information when applying so the process will move forward quickly and smoothly. For children enrolling during the school year, we try to hold the tuition adjustment conversation during the child’s three-day visit to the class. For re-enrolling families, these conversations are held in the spring.

Please note: We offer separate tuition adjustment processes for Grades families and for Early Education families. Please see below.


For Children Entering the Grades:

For our grade school, Orchard Valley Waldorf School embraces a tuition adjustment program whereby qualified families pay a reduced amount of the full tuition based on their financial situation. Orchard Valley Tuition Adjustment is based on the Accessible-to-All (ATA) model enshrined in the ideal that Waldorf education should be accessible to all families who are committed to it, regardless of financial means. Acceptance of a child into our school is not contingent on a family’s financial resources; however, our tuition adjustment program requires us to work within appropriate constraints for balancing our budget. 

If a family is unable to pay the full listed tuition, parents can request a tuition adjustment, a two-step process which includes an online financial application and a meeting with two members of our ATA Committee. For the first step, the parents are required to complete a Grant & Aid Assessment application through the online FACTS service. Separated or divorced parents requesting tuition adjustment must each complete a Grant and Aid application. Once completed applications are received, parents will be scheduled to meet with two members of our ATA committee. During this meeting, the group will review both the school’s budget and the family’s budget for the coming year. The adjusted tuition will reflect an understanding of the school as a whole. Both the family and the school stretch to meet the needs of the other, and the ATA committee members and family take responsibility for reaching consensus on the tuition amount the family will pay for each enrolled child. This agreement will be adopted at the conclusion of the meeting, signed both by the committee members and parents, and will be attached to the enrollment agreement as an amendment.

ATA committee members maintain confidentiality regarding details about families and the agreed-to tuition, and the committee asks families to do the same. No one, except those participating in the conversation, can accurately understand and characterize what was discussed in the meeting. Maintaining confidentiality is essential to the integrity of the tuition adjustment process.


For Children Entering an Early Education Program

Regardless of parental income or circumstance, all children who are age 3 or 4 on or before their school district’s kindergarten entry date (and who are not enrolled in a state-accredited, public or private kindergarten) are eligible to receive funding from the state Pre-K funding grant. Additional tuition adjustments are not available for children receiving Pre-K funding. Families of Kindergartners (ages 5, 6, or 7) who are no longer eligible for Pre-K funding are eligible to apply for a tuition adjustment.